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C&N produces wide range of BOPET Films,rigid PET Films. We provide high quality roll stock films at the best market price. Our facility has more than 15 years

Large Production Capacity

C&N World class pet film production line enable us to have a production capacity of over 8,000-10,000 tons per month.

Advanced R&D team

C&N has a powerful engineer team and they are dedicated to ongoing product research and development programs.
our research and development ability and academic standard is at the leading level in the domestic market. The company’s research and development center was rated as "polyester materials engineering technology research center" and "municipal enterprise technology center".

Strict Quality Control System

Our quality control begins from the incoming raw materials (PET chips)and includes several tests on the production. This assures high product performance and consistency with the latest and most restrictive norms.

Why Our BOPET films?
Exceptional quality
Made using certified raw material suppliers
Safe to be used for food items
Quality checked by experts
Customer satisfaction