Speical rubber

Conveyor belts or belting, Dental Dams,Erasers, Eraser Tips,Finger cots, Flippers,Floor coverings and mats


Besides Liquid silicone rubber, Lamps lanterns silicone rubber, Rubber ring gasket seals roller, Viton rubber, NBR rubber, EPDM rubber.Our also produce special rubber widley used in oil seal and the seals and molded rubber products, including oil seals more than 3000 kinds of specifications to choose from, and also according to OEM.

Balloons, Boats, Dock Fenders, Breathing Bag, Catheters, Cast Shields, contraceptives

List of Rubber Products
These are among the list of rubber products allowed in the
photography competition. These are cessable items
(Cess is a tax implemented for the exports of rubber products)
Products that are NOT eligible for this competition – TIRES, TUBES
Item Sample Picture
Adhesive tapes
Boats / Dock Fenders
Breathing Bag
Cast Shields
Condoms / Sheath
Conveyor belts or belting
Dental Dams
Erasers / Eraser Tips
Finger cots / finger stalls
Oil seal
Floor coverings and mats
Golf balls
Gym Balls / Exercise Balls
Hot water Bottles
Mattress supports
Floor coverings and mats
Gym Balls / Exercise Balls
O-rings oval ring
Orthodontic rubber bands
Parts or accessories of
vehicles ( Rubber
automotive parts)
Pipe Seal rings
Probe Covers
Rail pads
Rubber bands
Rubber Cables
Rubber floor tiles- plates,
sheets and strips
Rubber Gloves
Rubber goggles
Rubber rollers
Rubber strips
Rubber threads and rubber
Rubberised textile fabrics /
Rubber sheets (e.g Exercise
Sporting balls
Rubber Bearings/
Structural bearings
Swimming Caps, Wrist
Bands and Nose Clips
Teats and Soothers and
other baby products
Transmission belts
Tubes, pipes and hoses