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Hot stamping foil for textile fabrics

Hot stamping foil for textile fabrics

Hot Stamping Foil is a dry printing process in which a color pigment or metallic material is transferred from a continuous film sheet to the object being decorated.
The applications of controlled heat and pressure releases the color from the carrier film using a dry image and roller which bonds it permanently to the chosen object.
The process is clean, dry and fast, and free from problems commonly associated with wet ink printing processes.
You have encountered hot stamping foil in such everyday items as greeting cards and book covers, TV cabinets and cosmetic containers, appliances and toys, recycling containers and ball point pens.
From simple golds to four color process replicating photographs, hot stamping is a cost efficient decorating technique that is easy to set up, clean to operate,
and capable of producing products that will last for years while creating a profit center for you business that your may well have overlooked.
Our hot stamping foil gives you the freedom to decorate plastic products with excellent, long lasting graphics.
There are virtually no limits of the design when using a multi-color printng process.
Foil application is best carried out after immediately after the molding process as there is then less danger of surface contamination.
A tighter control over the production schedule will also be achieved with lower cost and less handing of products.
Specter's hot stamping foil can be used on all kinds of the plastic products such as, toys, furniture, construction materials, picture frames and the other daily necessities which are made of thermoplastics suchas PP, PS, AS, ABS, Acrylic, and PVC.

We have our own variety of colorful pattern designs such as; florals, marbles, woodgrains, silvers, golds, etc. - all of whicb are immediately available.
Our standard roll size has a width of 640mm and a length of 120m, using 16-25micron thick polyester film, in a glossy or matte finish.
We offer both prigmented and metallic patterns with the ability to duplicate customer provided designs on request.

We can supply high quality of

Metallic foil (FINE FOIL): aluminum foil, chrome foil, special metal foil, half mirror foil, hairline foil, hologram foil, wood-grain foil, multi-colored printed foil (gravure printing, silk printing), pigment foil, high-brilliance pigment foil, insulation foil, foil for dating, foil for security measures, polarization foil

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Metallic hot stamping foil
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Korea high quality hot stamping foil

Roll size (W x L):
1) Normal size rolls: 0.64 x 120m b) Large size rolls available upon request
2) Special dimensions for rolls with a 3" paper core can be produced for any length and width according to special orders
Product Specification / Models
-tube diametre:75mm,25mm
- regular width ; 640mm
- length ; 120m, 305m, 500m , 1000m, etc. ;
-color: wood design, golden, silver, purple, magenta, fiber drawing, aluminized etc.;
-good abrasion and scratch resistance
-universal and fine adhesion properties
-customize width and length; depends on per customers requirement.